I arrive at a parking lot with far more spaces available than I am used to. I put on my mask, get out of my car, and walk up the three flights of stairs to my office. As I enter the door to the 3rd floor, it’s dark. It’s mid-morning, but no one has been through here in a while. Almost every office door is shut. Most of the classrooms I pass are empty.

I walk into class just before it starts. Ventilation is critical, and making sure rooms are empty between classes is important, so we’re encouraged to not come early or stay late. I miss those moments of lingering, but it doesn’t matter much now anyways. The number of students who have decided to attend in person has dwindled. Today, only 3 show up. …


Evan Peck

Bucknell Computer Science Faculty. Trying to make your computer fit you better. HCI, data visualization. my site: eg.bucknell.edu/~emp017/

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